Tentative Agreement has been reached. More details to come soon.

Your UAW Local 6000 Bargaining Team has reached a Tentative Agreement in our One-Year Wage Reopener for 2024 (Fiscal Year 2025).  This Tentative Agreement comprises three components, which are summarized below.

1.) 5% base wage increase beginning October 1, 2024.

2.) Ratification Bonus of $2250 to be paid as soon as administratively feasible in calendar year 2024.  This payment will be paid to Administrative Support and Human Services Unit employees who are in active status as of December 23, 2023.  Payment is subject to the ratification (approval) of the Tentative Agreement. 

3.) Letter of Understanding (LOU) for Recruitment and Retention.  This LOU establishes a committee of the Union and the Office of State Employer to review issues identified by the Union related to the recruitment and retention of hard-to-fill positions within the UAW-represented bargaining units. 

Further details will be coming soon, including the UAW Member’s opportunity to vote to approve the agreement.