Dues Reauthorization

Brothers and Sisters:


UAW Local 6000 represents the hardworking men and women who make the State of Michigan run. Our jobs and workplaces may look different, but we're united in our commitment to securing fair wages and working conditions for our members in all corners of the state. Through collective bargaining, we've been able to negotiate pay increases almost every year, secure COVID-19 protections, and improve our workplaces. But these wins are only possible when we stand together.


That's why we're asking you to renew your union membership today.



Our union is most powerful when we come together, and collectively we have secured better benefits and made our workplaces stronger with each contract negotiation. But the Civil Service Commission has taken the choice to be a union member out of your hands – new regulations mean that you have to voluntarily re-certify your membership regularly in order to continue your union membership. If too many memberships lapse, we’ll no longer have the power to negotiate and continue building a better future for your career, your colleagues, and your community. Stand together with your fellow Local 6000 members and renew your membership now.


For more information about your union and what's at stake, click here.


In solidarity.

UAW Local 6000 Leadership